Just wanted to post a few quick pics of some recent custom orders I’ve done lately. Last day for Christmas orders is November 30th, so let’s talk!














I am so excited about next week that I can hardly stand it! I have been busily working to build up my inventory for the Holiday Arts Tour as well as the holiday season. My sweet friend gave me a wonderful shout on on the nclac blog…she really is TOO kind. Please come out and see me as well as all of the other artists at the unique shops Ruston has to offer. See y’all there!

holiday arts tour

just one of the exciting new events i am participating in this holiday season…stay tuned for details!

new pricing



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j. melcena price list (effective 10.01.12)

(children sizes)

3 ft 15.00

4 ft 20.00

(adult sizes)

5 ft 25.00

6 ft 30.00

7 ft 35.00

buy two, get $5 off.

buy four, get $10 off.

custom orders available…call/email for pricing.
various colors/color combinations possible…call/email for availability.


*these are the standard pre-made (my choice of colors) prices.  if you want a customized scarf (specific colors, thickness, etc), additional charges may apply.  i have recently gone down on my prices to be more affordable for everyone.  thanks for understanding!

quick pic

example of

multi-color scarf

just wanted to post a quick example of a multi-colored scarf.  i don’t post samples of each color combo because each scarf is different and the sample wouldn’t be a true representation of the item.  besides…isn’t using your imagination much more fun?  the possibilities are endless!

So, yes …I am on maternity leave and I want to thank everyone for being so understanding as we try to adjust to life with 3 girls, ages 3, 1 & brand new! I will be taking a limited number of holiday orders, so if you are interested just shoot me an email to jmelcena@gmail.com and we can work out the details. I just wanted to take a minute and share with you about the launch of my friend’s new blog.  Kelly Moore is always in the know of all things fabulous and she is giving stuff away left and right! To celebrate launching her new blog, she has lined up some great stuff to give away to some very lucky folks. J.Melcena is proud to be a part of her celebration.  Head on over and snatch yourself up one of her great bags (good luck deciding which one you want…or just get a few!) And good luck in the giveaway. Congratulations, Kelly! I’m so proud of your growing business …you rock!

So much has been going on lately that I have seriously neglected this blog. I’m not going anywhere…I promise. I am, however,  about to be on maternity leave again. I may have time to fill a few fall/holiday orders, so don’t hesitate to email me. I thank y’all for your patience and support as we welcome home baby girl #3…miss clara jane.